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In fact, if you have any reservations you can simply ask those who are already verified exactly what it entails to become verified and why they think it is beneficial to do so. A:) Verification is not compulsory or does it require you to remove any clothing or perform any sexually related acts and if any moderator asks you to do so the incident should be reported immediately. A:) Within a few hours although usually within minutes you will be able to refresh and see the icon next to your name which shows others that you have been confirmed as a genuine female by a chat moderator. Under no circumstances will we accept money to falsify verification or allow anyone to circumvent our verification system, there are absolutely no exceptions whatsoever to this rule!

Q:) Other people will vouch for me, can I get verified status? Verification must be performed by a moderator only as many knights in shining armor who think they are doing a good deed will rush to the rescue and claim they have seen people on cam that they haven't which would instantly ruin the integrity of the system. A:) Unfortunately no because it is not hard to play sound clips of female voices and give the illusion of being female which could open up the possibility of a faker inadvertently being verified in error which would compromise the trust within our system. Here we debunk some of the lies and excuses fakers use and explain some of the methods fakers use to trick you.

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