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With a single swipe of the thumb you can:- Watch a Live stream, or start your own- Make a quick connection with ladies and guys nearby- Match with people just like you, thanks to our algorithm- Chat with new friends We look out for you too! Your exact location and personal information will NEVER be given without your permission.The ads make this app so slow that it crashes on me, doesn't let me respond to a message sometimes because when I click on a message a video ad appears and never loads up the video so I'll have to force close the app and re open it to respond to a message, and all the people I end up matching with never show up under the matched list.Stop thinking that all of the available singles out there are “too old looking”. If it does you are setting yourself up for further disappointment in the dating arena. It’s time to start seeing other for what they have on the inside as well. The truth of the matter is we are “older” on the outside no matter what we want to think or feel.So, we clicked on the link and–surprise, surprise–it’s another new phone dating app. It’s so much better than Tinder, according to the writer, because you can find out more about your potential date –including what his or her “intentions” are — than you can on Tinder. That’s the big improvement that’s supposed to make dating easier. We don’t believe that you’re really going to know what you’re getting when you use this app–or any app. Especially if you’re looking for a lasting, meaningful relationship, dating takes work — not to mention determination.This is one of the reasons why we created Elegant Introductions.

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We help our clients through the process with Dating Coaching, guidance, hands on experience and sometimes tough love when needed.

What’s more, you will be able to play various kinds of social games with them and have a great time together.

Also you can chat with them if you have similar interests, passions and hobbies.

everyone has 1 good pic & i don’t like matching someone that looks 1 way on 1 pic then different on their other pics.

This sites lag time is awful it takes about five minutes before it loads a message. But I am unable to answer them because the app takes about five minutes to load each message.

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