Updating openbsd

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The ownership and permissions of files are tracked, and the package tools will notice if files are missing or have been modified.Dependency tracking, resolution, individual file check-summing and package signing are all performed.This isn't theoretical; I've seen it happen more often than not in my very limited use of the ports system..is avoidable, but it is not obvious or well-documented how to avoid it, and adds not insignificant costs to maintaining your systems. without uninstalling everything, and then reinstalling it).With ports it is not possible to verify that the files installed by the port match what was originally installed. With ports, it is likely you will, over time, end up with multiple versions of some things (libraries, languages, etc.) installed.Anyway, if what you say is true, and Open BSD now has effective package management, I'm going to spend some time with it, and possibly add support in our installer for it.I was under the (seemingly) mistaken impression that it would have the same faults as ports on Free BSD.Free BSD now has pkgng which is very much a move in the right direction, and it would be definite progress for Open BSD to adopt it.Note that providing binaries or not is not on my list of complaints about ports, above.

Free BSD's pkgng was undoubtedly a good move for Free BSD, but Open BSD already received it's very own next-generation package system a few years prior.

Implying that it shares any of the same problems without researching it is being quite disingenuous.

Users are only discouraged from building ports because binary packages have been provided for all available port flavours, there is no opportunity for users to customize ports or tweak compile flags without them venturing into the realm of already unsupported tasks.

Somehow, in every conversation about ports failings as a package manager, there will always be people talking about binaries, and how you can totally install binaries with ports and so there's no reason to not like ports.

I find it annoyingly time-consuming to build everything from scratch, but it's not a deal-breaker.

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